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Prof. Cuzzi with his class at Berkeley College.
Prof. Cuzzi with his class at DeVry University in NY.

Student Testimonials


“It was a great pleasure being taught in the course Special Topics Marketing by Professor Cuzzi. His classes were always interesting and informative. In addition to the class itself he also shared a lot of his real life marketing, sport and education experiences with his students. I felt very comfortable in his course and therefore could bring out my best work.”


Vivien Kukonya,

Berkeley College – March 2015


“Dear Professor Cuzzi,

I wanted to thank you for the time I spent in your class. I enjoyed having you as my professor for this semester’s “Principle of Marketing” class. I hope to have you as my professor again in the near future. Stay awesome!”


Rachel Barry,

Berkeley College – March 2015


 “Frank Cuzzi is more than a professor to me, but a mentor. His marketing tactics have taught me and will enlighten you as to how well you can progress in any type of business. I’ve become successful by listening and changing my ways when looking and panning out a marketing strategy. Frank Cuzzi’s experience, wisdom and marketing ethics foresight a great future for business!”


Annamarie Giunta,

Berkeley College – 2012


“Professor Cuzzi is the best teacher I’ve ever seen and he is a professional expert of Integrated Marketing. He knows, indeed, how to teach Marketing and Consumer Behavior with his know-how.”


Hyemi Kim,

Berkeley College – 2012


“Professor Frank Cuzzi, is a good professor, who teaches his classes in an environment where students feel comfortable and confident in what they are being taught and learn more from the course.”


Tamika Easley,

Berkeley College – 2012


“Professor Cuzzi is passionate about consumer marketing. His teaching style is a fun and informative environment for developing marketing professionals. He is enjoyable and highly recommended!”


Thorne Nugent,

Berkeley College – 2012


“Professor Cuzzi has the intellectual and professional wisdom to make marketing fun, exciting and relatable.”


Stephen Morgan,

Berkeley College – 2012


“It was a pleasure having you as a teacher this quarter, you have taught me lots about consumer behavior and marketing, which will be very helpful for me in the future.”


Celina Blanche,

Berkeley College – 2012


“Professor Cuzzi is the only professor I have known at Berkeley College to interact with his students to encourage them after our class lecture is over. I am truly happy to have met him. He has encouraged me throughout.”


Annette Jordan,

Berkeley College – 2010


“Hey professor, it’s so nice to hear your voice again. You are unique, wonderful and very much the reason for my coaching success. Thanks for your amazing advice and everything you ever taught me until this very moment. You will always be dearest to my heart.”


Harold Odia,

Globe Institute – 2010



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