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The media has become the go to place for all of us to obtain and distribute content, and sharing immediate reactions to current events. The acknowledgement of this generational shift is key to survival. The NFL has taken notice and adapted to this generational shift. After overwhelming long bidding wars including Yahoo! And Amazon, Twitter was awarded NFL’s streaming rights.

The streaming rights from the NFL will allow Twitter to stream 10 Thursday Night Football games on their social media platform. The streaming content for NFL will include highlights and pre-game festivities from the players and on the field interactions through Twitter’s partner service Periscope. This streaming right also allows Twitter to build up anticipation for the games, and use their platform to bring in more viewers. Although, these games will still be broadcasted on network channels such as CBS, NBC, and The NFL network, the streaming services will be free to twitter users, and will finally give viewers the option to watch from football from the television or from a digital broadcast.

According to sources, Twitter has bided $10M for 10 games throughout the NFL season, which gives Twitter an advantage from other competitors. Get ready to set your home page to Twitter because Twitter will now be the go to source for Thursday Night Football, giving users the access to immediate tweets during live games. So get ready, set, tweet!

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