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Neil_Simon-PicSince 1978 Neil Simon has been involved with the sport of Judo. Neil has become a leader in the United States world of judo culminating in the Presidency of the United States Judo Federation. In that role he has worked with the other two major United States judo organizations (USA Judo (the National Governing Body of the US Olympic movement) and the United States Judo Association (the other grassroots judo organization)). He is also the Executive Director of three other judo organizations (Konan Judo Association (affiliated with United Judo Federation), Judo Affiliates of Michigan (Michigan’s state affiliated organization) of which he is also President), and Michigan Judo Development Association (a grant funding organization based out of Michigan).

He works with local, regional and national judo schools and organizations with his work focusing on strategic planning, collaboration and cooperation among the groups, plus serving as a guiding resource to the different leaders.

He also participates in the sport and is currently a 6th degree black belt, national coach, national teacher, national kata judge, and international referee. He teaches judo to several populations including a sub-specialization specializes in teaching individuals with physical, emotional, and mental challenges. He has been honored by nations by being invited to asked to present awards as a foreign dignitary and judge competitions.

Mr. Simon is also founder of the Business Development Group, an entrepreneurial enterprise company, that focuses on helping organizations and their leaders grow. He is a business strategist and implementer focusing on improving organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability in the not-for-profit, for-profit, and governmental sectors. Neil teaches graduate and undergraduate courses at the college and university level. In addition he has written over 170 professional articles that focus on strategy, leadership, communication, organizational development, and sports organizations.

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