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What is a USE Continuing Education Certificate?


Our mission is to create a long distance learning program in sports management that will connect your education, career, and the workplace! We are committed to helping your career and we trust you will enjoy our courses.

USE has developed high quality courses with accomplished college professors, most of whom have earned their living in the sports world. They are college level courses! You can be proud to get the USE sports certificate and put it on your resume as you look for a career in Sports Management.

USE professors are current college professors today. Most of them have worked in the sports industry previously so their career advice and academic teaching are based on real-life experiences plus the textbook.

USE courses are designed and developed for people who are looking for something more in their personal and professional lives. That means more career options in sports plus more income after completing our practical, up-to-the-minute sports courses taught by well-qualified professors. All our professors have multiple degrees and are professors today.

The quality of our courses in all cases is high because our professors have experience in the sports business, enjoy teaching it, and have no administration overload. That allows our continuing education program to react faster to market needs and enable students to acquire much needed knowledge and skills faster and more efficiently than traditional degree programs.

USE Continuing Education today is a non-credit program. You cannot transfer “credit” to another school until USE gets appropriate certifications in the future. However, in our non-credit programs we are able to customize the courses immediately and to a far greater extent. The result is that our courses are unique to us and you can be proud to put it in your resume.


The USE Sports Certificate

There are 4 semesters which are 10 weeks each, per year. Each course is 3 credits and 10 weeks long. Please check the current schedule for dates of instruction. Each course will require 3 hours per video meet with professor each week plus assignments.

While in the USE Sports Certificate program you have the ability to instantly put these courses and obtained skill sets on your resume. USE is expanding and will be providing you with up to 35 courses to choose from.

The Continuing Education Program:

Core Courses

There are 5 Core Courses, of which 3 are required.

  • Principles and Practices of Sports Management
  • Make $$$ in Sports Without Breaking a Sweat!
  • Champions of Change: Sports Leadership Fundamentals
  • Sports Management, Marketing and Leadership Overview
  • Event Risk Management & Event Safety

Elective  Courses 

In addition to the Core Courses, 3 electives will be required from the following list:

  • Champions of Change: Understanding & Analyzing the Field of Play
  • Champions of Change: Strategy & Implementation
  • Champions of Change: Business Case & Influencing
  • Sports Math I
  • Get Ready, Start, Go Land That Position: Interview Preparation from Start to Finish
  • Writing 101 for Sports Professionals
  • High School Sports Marketing
  • International Sports Marketing
  • International Sports Law
  • Social Media in Sports
  • Website & Blog Development for Sports
  • Sports Business Computer Applications
  • Organizational Effectiveness in Sports
  • The Art of Coaching Women’s College Soccer
  • Internship
  • Introduction to Sports Security Management
  • Safety & Security at Sports Grounds
  • Sports Marketing
  • Concussions in Sports: It’s Time for a Serious Discussion
  • Sports Mechanics
  • Technology in Hospitality Management
  • Psychology of Sports and Exercise
  • Scientific Basis for Human Performance

USE All Committed Courses as of 4/15/2016:


  1. Make $$$ in Sports, Professor Frank E. Cuzzi
  1. International Sports Marketing, Dena Bateh
  1. Sports Marketing, Professor Frank E. Cuzzi
  1. Sports and Entertainment Venue and Event Management, Professor Tom Forgione


  1. to Sports Management, Professor Brien O’ Neil
  1. Sports Management Overview, Professor Frank E. Cuzzi
  1. Organizational Excellence in Sports, Professor Jessie Battino
  1. Sports Law, Basem El Hendawy
  1. Sports Staffing, Professor Jessie Battino

Science and Fitness

  1. Sports Concussions, John Boothby
  1. Sports Nutrition,Professor Cathy Dargitz
  1. Sports Mechanics,Sam Dobrenko
  1. Physiology of Sport and Exercise,Yelena Tsimberg
  1. Scientific Basis for Human Performance,Yelena Tsimberg


  1. in Hospitality Special Events,Sam Dobrenko
  1. Website and Development in Sports,Professor Linda Amerigo
  1. Sports Business Computer Applications,Professor Linda A. Amerigo



  1. The Art of Coaching Women’s College Soccer,Coach Patrick Horne


  1. Champions Of Change, Professor Neil J. Simon
    • Sports Leadership Fundamentals
    • Understand the Field of Play
    • Strategy & Implementation
    • Develop a Business Case to Influence
  1. Career Preparation,Professor Julienne B. Ryan
  1. Internship,Professor Julienne B. Ryan

Sports Security

  1. Event Risk and Sports Safety, Professor Augustine Aloia
  1. Safety and Security on Sports Grounds, Professor Harvey Taylor
  1. Intro to Sports Security Management, Professor Harvey Taylor


Youth Sports

  1. High School Sports Marketing,Professor Rachel Hall- Schlachta
  1. Sports Math for Athletes,Professor Roy Berglund
  1. Writing 101 for Sports Professionals,Professor Eileen Merwin


  1. Social Media in Sports,Professor Linda Amerigo
  1. Sports Film,Professor Jeffrey Hardy

Personal Finance

  1. Financial Planning for Athletes,Joanne Snider
The program is seeking CEU’s and accreditation.

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