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The opportunities that exist in sports management include everything from coaching/managing teams to event management to sports venue management to recreation management.

A sports management career can blossom anywhere there are sports and athletes. In other words, regardless of an individual’s location, there will be opportunities to develop a sports management career. Obviously, certain locations are better than others for careers in sports management. Not surprisingly, California and New York are near the top of the list in regards to both employment and income levels.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists employment data regarding Agents, Business Managers of Artists, Performers and Athletes. A review of these statistics shows that the states with the highest employment level in this category are California, New York, Florida, Illinois and Tennessee and the states with the highest concentration of employment in this category are New York, California, Tennessee, Vermont and Florida. These same statistics show that the states with the highest median salary for this category are California, Connecticut, Virginia, New Jersey and New York.

Among many of the employers who hire sport management majors are Professional Teams, Professional Athletes, Sport Associations (examples: NFL, NBA, PGA, NCAA), Local Sport And Tourism Corporations, Arenas, Auditoriums, Stadiums, Colleges And Universities, Health Clubs and Sport Facilities.

Career Options Athlete Representation/Agent Public Relations Operations Publicity Promotions Club House Manager Program Coordination Fund Raising Fund-Raiser University Athletics Administration Field Maintenance Director Umpire Room Manager General Manager Director of Ticket Operations Sports Information Director Director of Stadium Operations Scoreboard Operator Fitness Center Manager Assistant Director of Operations Sports Journalist Athletic Equipment Manager Athletic Director Ticket Administrator Sports Broadcaster Sports Marketing Specialist Health Club Owner/Operator Corporate Fitness Director Park/Swimming Pool Manager Professional Sports Scout Collegiate Sport Marketer Cruise Recreation Director Youth Club Director Sponsorship Coordinator Sporting Goods Sales Representative Sports Public Relations Director Sport Camp Manager Athletic Director/College Athletic Trainer/College Official Scorer Professional Sports Manager Event Coordination Camp Director Sportscaster Coach Event Manager

Related major skills to develop include:

Knowledge of Sports; Excellent speaking and writing skills; Problem solving; Good interpersonal skills; Good decision-making; Leadership skills; Interpersonal skills; Motivating others; Directing and motivating staff ; Good organizational skills; Numerical and statistical computation.

Sports management programs can lead to a variety of jobs. For example, some people go on to lead community and after-school sports- programs, while others will go on to work for academic services in high schools or colleges. Options include working for professional sporting groups in the marketing, health, promotions and compliance sectors. There are even fitness- and health-focused positions for people who want to work directly with the athletes. Some people take their sports management education and head into retail: representing sporting goods stores and more. Students should consider their interests when looking for careers in the sports world. There is something for everyone. Narrowing down interests makes it easier to sift through the available job boards.

Career Highlights



Austin DeKoning

School: University of Oregon, Class of 2009
Employer: IMG World
Position: Intern at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China
Role: To support the IMG operations team, which was hired by Johnson & Johnson, a sponsor of the 2008 Olympic Games, to execute its on-site operations program. DeKoning’s duties range from helping the team acquire Olympic Green accreditation for more than 300 members of its Olympic staff to assembling the J&J Olympic Staff Guidebook.

From BloombergBusiness, By Matthew Lawyue

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