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About USE


Universal Sports Education (USE) is an online school delivering sports management education for the $125 billion global sports industry. Sports/special event management constitutes a rapidly growing career specialty. The current sports industry needs highly trained professionals to meet the challenging pace of sports, marketing, sales, economics and lifestyle that will define growth patterns in tomorrow’s marketplace. With the global expansion of recreational, fitness, and spectator sports, in addition to society’s increasing concern over healthful lifestyles, sports management is becoming more and more complex.

Successful organizations in the sports industry are looking for tomorrow’s leaders to have specialized training. USE students benefit because they learn the practical real world relationships/knowledge plus skills in the sports industry. At least 30 major industries have positions available for the sports management expert.

USE courses are designed and developed for people who are looking for something more in their personal and professional lives. That means more practical career options in sports plus increased income after completing our practical, up-to-the-minute sports courses. We are planning to offer at least 50 courses within the next four years!

Our mission is to create a long distance learning program in sports management that will connect your education, career, and the workplace! We are committed to helping your career.

USE us… To Advance Your Sports Career!

Academic Objectives


  • To offer sports management, marketing and leadership education which will help the career oriented/interested student.
  • To offer learning that will enable the student the opportunity to understand and appreciate the sports business industry to a high degree of sophistication.
  • To offer the combination of academic teaching plus real world experience to illuminate the sports industry.  This industry rewards on the job training and internships (and only started in 1974. Therefore, the subject is best taught by an experienced practitioner.  Someone who has never worked in the field can rarely teach “how to sell sponsorships” or can combine all the pillars of sports business relationships.
  • To offer sufficient intellectual pursuit of knowledge to enable the learner to keep up with the continual and massive evolution and growth in sports management in areas as diverse as TV broadcasting, the Internet, stadiums, player salaries, corporate promotions, licensing, international special events and sponsorships.
  • To offer an in-depth insight into all relationships which show how a corporation can sell its product globally more efficiently and completely through sports!  Sports is one reason why the globe seems to be shrinking so fast… you need to understand how sports relates to advertising which relates to media which relates to sponsorship and licensing which relates to global broadcasting which relates to sampling and selling in twenty nations at the same time.  For instance, Brazil and Qatar are next in line for the World Cup.  Canada, China, and England had past successful Olympics.  All are huge business undertakings/special events.
  • To offer detailed tools for learning the relationships of marketing, management, media, Internet, sales, and leadership.  I invented the “integrated rolling wheels” to fully explain how the relationships in this complex industry work together for success.
  • To offer a field of study for individuals who want to be more adept at tackling a “winning career” on a local, US or global basis.  Learn how to control and utilize all the revenue streams in this business!  Know where your costs are located!
  • To expand academics in the sports business flow.  When I started in 1979 there were 5 colleges teaching this subject and in 2012, there are 300.  But remember, there are about 3,000 colleges in just the USA… we have a long way to go!! (When was the last time you saw a physics, math or chemistry section in the newspaper or on the 10 PM news??)  People want to learn sports!!
  • To create courses that are practical, real, academic, and well suited to teach current sports managers, athletes from all levels, and adult learners how to succeed in this business.


My Teaching Philosophy


I teach four simple concepts to my Sports Business students:

  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Self-reliance
  • Integrity

I try to inspire my students to enjoy lifelong learning.  I challenge them to “be all they can be” and to “do what they say they will do.”  They gain strength, wisdom, and inspiration in the process.  I educate by informing and I motivate by inspiring.  I “pull” students along.

I find too many young learners forget they need to study and want to be spoon-fed all the “answers” and “notes” on Blackboard.  That approach will not help them in the sports business.  To succeed in the sports business you must be similar to the athletes on the field… always striving for “perfection” and improvement.  Life is not an entitlement program!!  You must earn it!  I offer advice on how to accomplish this at the end of this book/course all designed to help the learner.

Interested students make better students.  When students believe in themselves and their subject content, they can go out and create a sports business career and accomplish a positive result for society and for their families.  They gain wisdom through learning the practical experience lessons from the nine pillars of the sports business flow!!  They gain discipline by having goals and determination to do what you say you are going to do.  Remember, every sports contest has more losers than winners.  Not all persons or teams win… but the lessons learned are often more valuable than winning because many “losers” go onto highly successful sports and management careers.  Sports content teaches all these lessons!

I teach sports content through:

  • Practicality
  • Persistence
  • Visualization
  • Discipline
  • Knowledge
  • Thinking
  • Awareness
  • Inspiration

Student Objectives


  1. Detail the business flow of sports management.
  2. Achieve career success in 30 industries touched by sports management.
  3. Understand a complex profession which engages over 30 industries.
  4. Gain career awareness in sports management for all skill levels and types.
  5. Learn subject content, knowledge, and career training in an area in which society and students are very interested.
  6. Absorb subject content which can combat student high school dropouts.
  7. Achieve workforce development and reinvention for students in continuing education.
  8. Reinvent themselves or to make themselves employable.
  9. See lists of career opportunities/jobs in all the sports management fields.
  10. Experience curriculum extender which illustrates, teaches, and explains sports career paths.
  11. Get career counseling to prepare students to succeed, achieve, and live this lifelong learning!!
  12. Learn sports management and reconsider their drop out option from high school.
  13. Experience the parameters of Universal Sports Education™ (USE) to prepare students for sports business careers.
  14. Gain internships and jobs through new learning and new contacts.
  15. Experience and develop intrapersonal skills to confidently work and communicate well with others.